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Indoor Vertical Strawberry Growing Solutions

As global climate problems continue to worsen, traditional strawberry growing methods no longer seem to be the best option. As temperatures rise and extreme weather events increase, traditional strawberry cultivation will face more risks. Sudden changes in weather conditions can cause a poor strawberry harvest. Indoor vertical farming can solve this problem very well.

  • Not restricted by geographical location
  • Not affected by weather
  • Controlled growth environment

Provide You With Professional Strawberry Vertical Farming Solutions.

Vertical strawberry farming solutions have many advantages over traditional planting methods. The following will be introduced in detail in terms of space utilization, production efficiency, environmental protection and economic benefits:

Space Utilization: Vertical planting allows more strawberry plants to be grown in limited space. Traditional strawberry cultivation requires a large area of land, and vertical cultivation can effectively utilize vertical space, especially in urban environments where land resources are scarce. This advantage is even more obvious.

Production efficiency: By precisely controlling growing conditions such as light, temperature, humidity and nutrient supply, vertical strawberry farming can optimize the growth rate and yield of strawberries. The application of automated equipment, such as automatic water circulation, fertilization and environmental monitoring systems, further improves production efficiency, reducing reliance on labor and reducing labor costs.

Environmental protection: Vertical strawberry farming can be carried out in urban or near-urban areas, shortening the distance from farm to consumer and reducing the need for long-distance transportation, thus reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion. In addition, by precisely managing water and nutrient supplies, vertical farming can significantly reduce water waste and fertilizer use, with less negative impact on the environment.

Economic benefits: Vertical strawberry farming generally has higher economic benefits due to increased production efficiency and optimized space utilization. Although the initial investment may be higher, in the long run, due to reduced labor costs, reduced resource waste and increased yields, the freshness and quality of strawberries can also be guaranteed, allowing vertical farming to further improve economic benefits.

Our Certifications

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Vertical Planting System

FY Lighting is committed to developing vertical farming solutions for the new generation of growers. For strawberry cultivation, traditional planting methods are no longer as ideal as before due to the intensified global climate. The vertical farming solutions The emergence can be said to have brought new hope to strawberry growers. We provide growers with a complete set of vertical farming systems, allowing your planting process and environment to be carried out in a controlled environment. You can start your sustainable vertical strawberry farming business near the sales area.

Save More Space And Money

Compared with conventional fixed vertical grow racks, mobile vertical grow racks greatly improve flexibility. In the same space, fixed vertical grow racks need to reserve an aisle for each grow rack, which actually greatly increases the cost. Wasted space. Mobile vertical grow racks are different. You only need to keep one aisle in the entire space. By moving by hand, you can immediately create an aisle next to the shelf, which greatly saves space costs and money.


We have our own planting laboratory, so our team is both a grower and a seller. We have many years of research and design experience in vertical farming planting systems and rich practical experience. You only need to tell us the size of your space and the plants you want to grow. , we can customize a complete vertical farming system for you. We have our own cultivation laboratory, we are both growers and sellers, and our team has rich practical experience.


Led grow Light For Vertical Grow Racsk

Customized light

Our plant lights adopt a modular design, and the size can be freely customized according to the width and length of the vertical planting frame. The lightweight design makes installation very convenient. The light body adopts a fully enclosed design and has an IP66 waterproof rating. No fear of water splashing during use. The unique heat dissipation design prevents the temperature of the lamp from being too high when used for a long time. It can be closer to the plants and provide better lighting conditions for the plants.

Comparison Of Planting Days

Comparison of planting days



Light Distribution Map

Light distribution map

The reasonable optical ratio and lamp bead distribution allow the light of our plant lights to illuminate your plants more evenly, so that there will be no uneven quality during the growth of the plants.

Adjustable Spectrum

Adjustable spectrum

According to the different growth stages of plants, different light configurations are required. Our plant lights are specially customized with an adjustable light ratio function for the entire growth stage of plants. From seeds to flowering and fruiting, the entire growth process requires different Spectrum ratio, you can use this function to adjust the ratio suitable for the current stage of plant lights.

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