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Professional Vertical Grow Rack System Manufacturer

  • vertical rack
  • vertical rack

Mobile Vertical Grow Rack System

  • Space-saving
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Improved Air Circulation

FY Vertical Grow Rack System

Increased 5 times yield with FY’s Mobile vertical grow rack system

Advantage Of Vertical Farming


Allow you to grow more plants in a smaller space

Easy Maintenance

They are usually designed with easy access to the plants and require minimal bending or kneeling.

Improved Air Circulation
Improved Air Circulation

Better air circulation around the plants, which helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

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vertical grow rack
mobie rack
3 Products Found.

Provide free design service

Including 2D and 3D renderings, pricing, and BOM. The free design analysis service can help customers make informed decisions about their vertical farming project, ensuring that the design meets their specific needs and allows them to grow plants more efficiently and effectively.

Provide free design service
Customized grow rack

Customized services to maximize your space

The size of the vertical farming rack can be customized to fit the available space in the customer’s facility. The number of shelves and the height of the rack can also be adjusted to accommodate different plant sizes and growing conditions.

DIY building block installation

Building block DIY rack is often less expensive than pre-assembled rack because customers save on assembly and shipping costs. DIY rack is highly customizable, allowing customers to mix and match components to create unique and personalized furniture designs. This can be especially useful for customers with specific space or design requirements.