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FY RBD LED Grow Lights For Shelving, Benches Or Vertical Farming Installations.

Waterproof design: FenYong RBD led grow light adopts IP66 waterproof design, which can cope with various environments and protect the circuit board and light board from moisture.

Good heat dissipation performance: high-quality heat dissipation materials are used to ensure that the lamp board will not fail due to overheating during long-term operation, effectively extending the service life.

Assembled structure: The plant light adopts an assembled structure, which is very flexible and convenient to adapt to different planting environments and spaces.

Customization: Provide customized length and width services to provide the most suitable light environment for your plants and ensure the healthy growth of plants.

Why Choose FenYong RBD Led grow light?

With the development of science and technology, modern agricultural planting methods such as greenhouse planting, and vertical agricultural planting are gradually becoming mainstream. Facing this trend, we bring you a specially developed plant light designed to help your crops thrive in harsh environments or special conditions.



  1. Fen Yong lighting has a strict quality control system. Every plant lamp must pass multiple quality inspection procedures before leaving the factory before it can be shipped.
  2. Easy installation: This led grow light has a compact design, the installation process is simple and easy to understand, and it is suitable for various scenes.
  3. The size can be customized: according to your planting needs and site conditions, we provide customized size options to meet your individual needs.
  4. IP66 level waterproof: This led grow light has excellent waterproof performance, which can ensure safe and reliable use even in harsh and humid environments.
  5. Customizable spectrum: According to the growth needs of different plants, we provide customized spectrum selection to maximize the growth speed and yield of plants.

Problems solved by FenYong RBD LED GROW LIGHT:

  1. Harsh environment: led grow light can be used in harsh environments such as low temperature, high temperature, and humidity, providing ideal growth conditions for your plants.
  2. Special conditions: In special planting methods such as vertical agricultural planting and soilless cultivation, plant lights can effectively make up for the lack of natural light and improve the yield and quality of crops.

Use led grow light to let your crops thrive in a modern planting environment, bringing higher yields and quality. Choose our plant lights to make your agricultural industry more competitive!

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Our Certifications

DLC Certification
UL/cUL Certification
ROHS Certification
CE Certification
ISO 9001:2015
5 year warranty

The Multi-layer Fixtures Are Designed For Close To Crop Vertical Farming Lighting.

FenYong RBD led grow light adopts a unique assembled design, which can easily customize the appropriate length and width according to your use environment and the size of the vertical farm. Get just the right light for your plants without the cumbersome installation process. In addition, the unique modular design makes maintenance and replacement easier. No matter what kind of vertical grow stand you have our grow light can perfectly adapt and meet your needs, providing the best growing environment for your plants.

vertical farming rack


FenYong RBD led grow light adopts assembled design, which provides users with great flexibility. According to different application scenarios, the length and assembly width of the plant growth lamp can be tailored to adapt to various environments. Whether in vertical farming or commercial greenhouses, it can play its advantages.

IP66 Rating

FenYong RBD Led grow light is designed with IP66 waterproof rating, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor environments, especially in humid and rainy scenes where plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables need to be sprayed for a long time. Plant lights with IP66 waterproof can help users use the product more worry-free and for a longer period of time, without worrying about plant lights malfunctioning due to moisture or accidental watering

IP 65 Waterproof rating



Removable For Easy Installation

Modular design
Easy to install

The assembled design makes the installation process simple and convenient. The light can be easily installed without professional installation skills. In addition, the assembled design also helps to save transportation costs, reduce packaging space, and make the product more environmentally friendly.

With its unique assembled design, the rbd led grow light provides greater convenience, especially for vertical farming users. Whether it is a home user or a commercial grower, it is easy to achieve the ideal environment for plant growth. Let everyone enjoy the fun of planting and feel the beauty of green life.