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LED vertical farming light

Can grow plants all year round under a controlled environment, not limited to climate

LED vertical farming light

FY have different led light suitable for vertical farming, suitable for various size rack, installation, growing plants and so on. Also can support dimming type to be compatible with farming control systems

What is vertical farming?

Vertical farming is a new type of agricultural system that can produce various agricultural crops indoor, make full use of resources and greenhouse technology, and greatly increase crops yield under a controlled environment.


Vertical farming is more and more popular for many advantages:
. No limits to climate
. Make full use of limited land and water resources
. Food Safety, no use of pesticides for indoor growing
. Controlled environment to increase crop yield
. Realize automation, mechanization, and factory agriculture

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Product By Features

Vertical farming is widely used for different plant growth such as leafy greens, floriculture, fruits, Herbs, and so on. Please contact FY to get a solution for your farm project.

RBD series led grow light

FY RBD Series offers flexible installation, plug, and play connector, easy to replacement bar to reduce maintain costs; with an external driver, 0-10V dimming is available.

RBE Led Grow Light

The daisy-chaining setup simplifies the wiring process by allowing growers to connect multiple lights in a series, reducing the need for multiple power outlets and cords.

T8 Led Grow Tube

A variety of sizes are available, making them suitable for a growing range of applications from small indoor gardening to large commercial farms.

FY T8B Series grow light can be daisy chain, is easy to install, and its thin design makes it very suit for vertical farming, commercial use, and home use.

RBG series led grow light

FY RBG series led grow light is with D shape design for easy clip installation, length can be customized from 2Ft to 8FT, also support spectrum customized.

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Our Certifications

DLC Certification
UL/cUL Certification
CE Certification
ROHS Certification
ISO 9001:2015
5 year warranty

High efficacy to 3.0 μmol/J

High efficiency 2835 LED chips make it easy to achieve 3.0umol/J, The RBD 4 ft lamp produces over 90umol/s with only 30 watts of consumed power and produces over 73umol/s with only 24 watts of consumed power.

Daisy Chain

FY T8B led grow light can be daisy chain, easy for wiring; Daisy chain wire is 18AWG, can work under 3.2A current for enough quantity linked light.

IP65 Waterproof

Full PC cover design makes this RBG series grow light to be waterproof, ideal for high humidity working environment.

Led Grow Light For Vertical Farming

0-10V Dimming

The RBD is designed as a 0-10V LED driver and is compatible with most major environmental control systems that use 0-10V dimming function—including Hoogendoorn, Argus Control Systems, and Wadsworth Control Systems.

IP65 Waterproof

IP65 waterproof is no problem for the whole fixture, which includes the fixture body and connectors, allowing you to use it safely in hydroponic drip irrigation systems.