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FY TPB Series led horticulture light use fin structure to make whole fixture lower operating temperature. Suit for different scalable size grower.

  • High efficacy to 3.2 μmol/J
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Flexible installation
  • Several spectrum for option
  • Easy install
Model FY-TPB-600 FY-TPB-800
Power Consumption 600 W 800 W
PPF 1800 μmol/s 2400 μmol/s
IP grade IP66
Efficacy 3.0μmol/J
AC input voltage AC100-277V , AC200-480V, 50/60HZ
Dimming 0-10V dimming
Beam angle 120 degree
Thermal Management Passive
Dimension/ Bar L971.5mm*W218.3mm*H75.3mm L1291.5mm*W218.3mm*H75.3mm
600W grow light

Slim Form Factor Reduced Shadow On Plants

The TPB is passively cooled with a state-of-the-art heat sink to avoid high temperature build-up for longer life. An IP66 rating gives you peace of mind when using it in wet environments, while the sleek heatsink design minimizes dust and debris buildup on fixtures, reducing maintenance and labor costs.

Efficeient And Powerful

TPB series, with a compact appearance, flexible installation methods, and 8 optional spectra, is convenient for growers to maximize efficiency, increase production capacity, reduce energy consumption, and increase income.

increase production capacity grow light
0-10v dimming grow light

Smart Wireless Control

0-10v dimming, wireless networking, and timing via Bluetooth control your light source as you like. This flexibility prioritizes the grower’s ability to optimize spectral content and light levels for any crop, any growth stage, and any geographic location need.

Eight Spectrums Are Available

A variety of spectral options are available to facilitate growers’ needs in optimizing spectral content and light levels for any crop, any growth stage, and any geographic location.

Eight spectrums are available