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FY TPA Series led horticulture light direct 1:1 Replacement for HPS, this high-efficiency top light support strong light tensity, efficacy to 3.2 μmol/J, offering high photon flux for your cops

  • High efficacy to 3.2 μmol/J
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Flexible installation
  • Several spectrum for option
  • Easy install
Model FY-TPA-800 FY-TPA-1000
Power Consumption 800 W 1000 W
PPF 2560 μmol/s 3200 μmol/s
IP grade IP65
Efficacy 3.2μmol/J
AC input voltage AC100-277V , AC200-480V, 50/60HZ
Dimming 0-10V dimming
Beam angle 120 degree
Thermal Management Passive
Dimension/ Bar L906mm*W400mm*H123mm L1200mm*W400mm*H123mm
1000w grow light

High-Output Top Light Solution 1:1 HPS Replacement

FY series is a high power, dimmable LED luminaire with a high IP rating. The robust all aluminium build, passive cooling, and PC lens cover ensure a long lifetime in the most demanding of environments.

Easier To Clean

The smooth surface design avoids the accumulation of dust on the fixture and is easier to clean. At the same time, it makes the temperature easy to dissipate, reduces the temperature of the lamp, and can be closer to the plants, improving energy efficiency and light quality.

Easier to clean grow light
IP65 Waterproof grow light

IP65 Waterproof

PC cover protection LED, avoid being damaged when you irrigate, don’t worry about damaging the LED, ensure the durability of lamps. Excellent sealing performance, preventing insects from entering the cavity and polluting the planting environment.

Eight Spectrums Are Available

A variety of spectral options are available to facilitate growers’ needs in optimizing spectral content and light levels for any crop, any growth stage, and any geographic location.

Eight spectrums are available