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T8 Led Grow Tube

  • No fans, no noise
  • Designed for germination, vegetative growth, and flowering/fruiting
  • ENERGY SAVING. LED technology helps save more
    than 40% of your lighting bill
  • GROW VERTICAL. Low heat output makes it suitable
    for commercial vertical farms or home planting.
  • Available in 2ft/3 ft/4 ft/5 ft/6 ft/8 ft.


FY-T8-600NX FY-T8-900NX FY-T8-1200NX FY-T8-1500NX FY-T8-1800NX FY-T8-2400NX
Power Consumption 9W 14W 18/22W 22W 26W 36W
PPF 23μmol/s 32.2μmol/s 41.5/50.6μmol/s 50.6μmol/s 59.8μmol/s 82.8μmol/s
IP grade IP44
Efficacy 2.3μmol/J
AC input voltage AC100-277V , 50/60HZ
Beam angle 120 degree
Thermal Management Passive
Dimension Φ28mm*L 588mm Φ28mm*L 894mm Φ28mm*L 1198mm Φ28mm*L 1498mm Φ28mm*L 1760mm Φ28mm*L 2369mm