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T5 Led Grow Lights

T5 Led Grow Light

  • 5 years warranty
  • Direct replacement for traditional fluorescent T5 tubes
  • Perfect for indoor growing

T5 Led Grow Light Introduce

FY T5 led grow light can directly replace traditional fluorescent T5 tubes, with longer life and more energy saving.Can be customized in different lengths, suitable for different racks and chambers

Product Advantage

Excellent color rendering at >90CRI
Different lengths can be customized

2 feet , 3 feet ,4 feet, 5 feet,

Different spectra can be customized

Blue (400-700nm), Green(500-600nm), Red(600nm–700 nm), Far-red (700-800nm)

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Our Certifications

DLC Certification
UL/cUL Certification
ROHS Certification
CE Certification
ISO 9001:2015
5 year warranty

Different Spectra of T5 Led Grow Light