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FY RBD LED GROW LIGHT is designed with an IP66 waterproof rating and can cope with various harsh environments. Its adjustable spectra function can meet different plant growth needs. Customizable light strip numbers and wiring installation methods allow plant lights to easily adapt to various planting scenarios. This kind of plant light can not only increase the growth rate of plants but also reduce the cost of planting. Whether it is indoor planting, greenhouse planting, or vertical farming, this plant light is your best choice.

  • High Efficacy to 3.1 umol/J
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Flexible installation
  • Plug and play connector, easy maintain
  • 0-10V dimming

What Can You Do With This Strawberry Grow Light?

FY rbd-led strawberry grow lights are specially designed to promote strawberry growth, help increase strawberry yields, shorten growth time, and have low heat: Compared with traditional grow lights, fy rbd-led strawberry grow lights have lower heat and can be used more efficiently. Close to the plants, resulting in higher energy efficiency. In terms of a wide range of usage scenarios, our FY RBD LED strawberry growing lights can be used in various strawberry planting scenarios, including greenhouses, research laboratories, vertical strawberry farms, etc.

FY RBD LED strawberry grow light vertical strawberry farm design, greatly improves planting efficiency. By providing optimized lighting conditions, our grow lights help increase strawberry yield, significantly shorten strawberry growth time, and reduce production costs.

Specifically designed for strawberry growth, it improves energy utilization, reduces production costs, helps increase strawberry yield, and shortens growth time.

Our Certifications

DLC Certification
UL/cUL Certification
ROHS Certification
CE Certification
ISO 9001:2015
5 year warranty

Adjustable Spectra

FY RBD LED GROW LIGHT is specially designed for strawberry growers, providing an efficient and economical solution. This light can easily adjust the spectra according to the different stages of strawberry growth to meet the strawberry’s light needs. Compared with traditional LED grow lights, this strawberry grow light avoids the trouble of frequently changing light sources, making the planting process easier.

Adjustable spectrum grow light
vertical strawberry farm

Better Light

RBD LED GROW LIGHT, with its unique IP66 waterproof rating, has strong waterproof performance and can easily cope with various harsh environments whether it is grown indoors or outdoors. Thanks to its excellent heat dissipation design, this grow light generates less heat during operation and can be safely placed close to plants, providing sufficient light to promote plant growth. It not only improves energy utilization but also allows plants to grow Photosynthesis occurs at more suitable temperatures, thereby increasing yields.

Customizable Spectra

Grow lights provide a variety of spectra customization services to meet the different needs of plant growth for light. Users can choose the appropriate spectra mode according to the type and growth stage of the plants they are growing. This customized service helps improve plant growth efficiency and maximize planting benefits. At the same time, LED grow lights also have the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, and environmental protection.

Customizable spectrum

Different Connection Cable For Option

vertical farm grow light
vertical strawberry farm grow light

The LED grow  lights provide diverse wiring methods and customizable wire lengths, allowing them to perfectly integrate into various installation environments. Users can customize the outlet direction and wire length according to actual needs, greatly improving installation convenience.

Our Cask

strawberry case
Cases From California, USA

In recent years, with the rapid development of agricultural science and technology, vertical growing technology has gradually emerged. This technology simulates natural lighting through LED grow lights, allowing plants to thrive indoors and in soilless environments. Especially in strawberry growing, LED grow lights play an irreplaceable role.

vertical farm
Case Study From London, UK

An innovative way to grow strawberries is the vertical growing technique. This method makes full use of limited space and increases strawberry yield. In vertical growing systems, strawberry growing lights become one of the key equipment. Strawberry planting lights can simulate natural lighting, provide a stable lighting environment for strawberries, promote photosynthesis, and improve fruit quality.

vertical strawberry farm light
Case study from Winnipeg, Canada

There are many benefits to use LED grow light for strawberry. First, a stable light environment is conducive to the growth of strawberries. Second, by controlling the light cycle and intensity, growers can adjust the growth rate of strawberries to maintain stable yields in different seasons. The use of vertical growing technology and strawberry growing lights can also reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases, improve the quality and yield of strawberries, reduce production costs, and improve the economic benefits of growers.