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Red light is essential

LED red Light Spectrum (600nm–700 nm) close to the maximum absorption wavelength of chlorophyll and light sensitivity, can meet the photosynthetic effect of the plant and complete its life cycle. According to the FY team’s experiments, the combination of red light and blue light (400nm–500 nm) can better promote plant growth and increase yield

Red Spectrum LED Grow Light

FY RBD series led grow light supply different spectra, suitable for planting micro-greens, leafy greens and herbs in indoor vertical farms .
Designed for the growth room and multi -layer training. With the strength of up to 2.8 µmol/J, these light strips can be placed on the position of 10 cm above the crown.
FY TPA series led grow light 1000w high performance ,Up to 3.0µmol/J, help growers improve the efficiency and output of widespread crops such as vine plants and flower cultivation.
Compatible with any 0-10V climate management system or scheduler,Manage light adaptation by changing light over time, ultimately maximizing plant yield and reducing operating costs
IP65-rated grow lights are designed to be safe and protected against electrical hazards, which can provide peace of mind to growers and help prevent accidents in the grow space.
T8 led grow light is outstanding performance in plant clones and seedlings. Low heat , save energy, do not need the fan for cooling, extended service life.
Modular design to achieve the simplest and efficient spectral combination. Customized spectral to improving yield. Blue (400-700nm), Green(500-600nm), Red(600nm–700 nm), Far-red (700-800nm) are available.
T8 led tubes without ballast low heat . Good for tissue culture, growth chambers, clone.
0-10V dimming ,which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from seedlings to mature plants.At the same time, it is also suitable for the growth needs of different types of plants.

Various Grow Light Spectra Can Be Customized