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FY D Shape T8 Led Grow Tube

FY RBG series led horticulture light is IP65 waterproof, with external driver support 0-10V dimming, can be compatible with smart control systems

  • Designed for germination, vegetative growth, and flowering/fruiting.
  • Energy saving–LED technology helps save more than 40% of your lighting bill.
  • Grow vertical–Low heat output makes it suitable
  • for commercial vertical farm, grow chamber or home planting.
  • Parallel connection way for easy installation, bypass the ballast.
  • Available in 2ft/3ft/4ft/5ft/6ft/8ft.
  • IP65
  • 0-10V/PWM/Resistance dimming
Model FY-RBG-12-96W FY-RBG-15-120W FY-RBG-18-144W FY-RBG-24-192W
Power Consumption 24 W*4bars 30 W*4bars 36 W*4bars 48 W*4bars
PPF 230 μmol/s 288 μmol/s 346 μmol/s 460 μmol/s
IP Rating IP65
Efficacy 2.4μmol/J
AC input Voltage AC100-277V , AC200-480V, 50/60HZ
Thermal Managemen Passive
Beam angle 120/180/240 degree
Dimming 0-10V dimming
Module L1198mm*W28mm*L24mm L1498mm*W28mm*L24mm L1760mm*W28mm*L24mm L2396mm*W28mm*L24mm
Varies of spectrum t8 grow light

Varies of spectrum

Full PC cover design make this RBG series grow light to be waterproof, ideal for high humidity working environment.

Plug and play

Save installation of labor costs.

You can freely adjust the distance between the light and the light, and also support the replacement and maintenance on the spot.

Dimmable T8 GROW LIGHT


0-10V dimming Compatible with major farming control systems.