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FY RBE Series led horticulture light is with internal driver, and can be a daisy chain for easy installation and wiring. Suit for vertical farming.

  • High efficacy to 3.0 μmol/J
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Flexible installation
  • Plug and play connector, easy to maintain
  • 0-10V dimming available
Model FY-RBE-48-36W FY-RBE-79-54W
AC input voltage AC120-277V , 50/60HZ
IP grade IP66
Thermal Management Passive
Power Consumption 36w 54w
PPF 100 μmol/s 152 μmol/s
Efficacy 2.8μmol/J
Beam angle 120 degree
Dimension/ Bar L1229mm*W62.3mm*H32.7mm L2006mm*W62.3mm*H32.7mm
Slim and High Intensity GROW LIGHT

Slim and High Intensity

The RBE series is slim and light, and has the IP66 waterproof level, which is very suitable for the growth room and other harsh applications that require high -intensity lighting. The maximum reduction of shadow effects and suitable for various vertical agricultural solutions.

Easy Installation

Customized cable chain can realize one power supply to control multiple lights at the same time, easy to install and reduce installation costs.

High yield plant lamp
vertical agricultural GROW LIGHT

UP to 3.0 µmol/W

With the light intensity and lighting function of up to 3.0 µmol/W, these light strips can be placed in any place between 10 cm and 4 m above the crown. It is designed for growth rooms, organizing training, and vertical agricultural applications.