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FY Professional Mobile Vertical Grow Rack Manufacturer
ISO9001:2015 certification

Custom Mobile Vertical Grow Rack

FY custom Mobile Vertical Grow Rack are made to expand your planting space and increase yield and profit. 2 layers , 3 layers , 4 layers or more can be achieved. At the same time, reduce the number of channels to increase profit space.

Why Choose FY as Your Mobile Vertical Grow Rack Manufacturer

  • Professional engineer : Free design service ,Provide 2D and 3D drawings
  • Certified production: ISO9001& UL & CSA &DLC &TUV & VDE
  • 5 -year quality warranty

Powder Coating

Antimicrobial white paint ,resisting bacteria and pests. Inhibits bacteria ,mold and pests. Smooth surface, easy to clean.

Powder Coating
High -precision laser cutting machine

High -Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Quick response, save time。No burr, no scratching,Will not hurt the staff

Enclosure Bending Machine

smooth surface ,high load capacity

Enclosure Bending machine
vertical grow rack room

Increase Your Roi

Through our engineer design, maximize your planting area and increase the return rate