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Vertical grow Racks

Uprights are pre-welded, and the intensity is greater to ensure safety. Beams incorporate a unique “tapered finger” design, making the beams closer and stronger connection. Our rack is easy to integrate with other necessary devices (such as LED lights, irrigation, pipelines, and airflow systems).

Vertical grow Racks

  • Space-saving: Vertical planter systems allow you to grow more plants in a smaller space, making them ideal for urban environments where space is limited.
  • Increased Yield: A vertical planter system can significantly increase your yield as you can grow multiple plants in the same amount of space compared to traditional planting methods.
  • Easy Maintenance: Vertical planter systems are easy to maintain and take care of, as they are usually designed with easy access to the plants and require minimal bending or kneeling.
Rack width Max 1.5 meters
Rack length Max 19 meters
Rack height Max 6 meters
Max load per pair of beams Max 200 kg
Max load per group Max 800 kg
grow rack Uprights


  • Cold-rolled steel plate stamping molding, higher strength. It is not easy to deform and break and has good durability and stability.
  • Double-coating corrosion protection, with antimicrobial and antifungal characteristics
  • The smallest 5cm staircase is adjusted at a high level. With the insurance screws, it ensures flexible adjustments while ensuring firmness and reliability.


  • The tapered finger design increases the surface area of the joint, allowing for a tighter and stronger
  • The tapered finger design allows for easy and quick assembly of the beams without the need for bolts or screws.
vertical grow rack Beams
mobie vertical grow rack Transmission system

Transmission System

  • The hexagonal hole bearing is used with solid hexagonal steel (diameter 20mm), the structure is more compact, durable, and has a long service life.
  • Motorcycle-specific chains can withstand high load work, and abrasion resistance, and are not easy to corrode
  • High-quality 45#Steel forging

Guide Rail

  • The base of the guide rail uses steel plates to disperse the load of the grow rack on the ground.
  • Anti-toppling device: Steel plate safety hooks are installed on the base of each column and connected to the track to prevent the rack from toppling over, ensuring safety and reliability.
mobie vertical grow rack Guide rail
vertical grow racks

The Height Of Each Layer Can Be Adjusted Freely

FY’s mobile vertical grow rack adopts a quick-fix design with bolts, which can freely adjust the height of each layer, making planting easier.

Our vertical growth racks are made of high-strength steel, which is strong and not easy to rust, and can maintain a good appearance for a long time. Its bolt-fixed structure enables the adjustable layer height function of the planting frame, allowing users to adjust the height of each layer of the frame according to the growth habits and space requirements of the plants, and realize the personalized layout of planting. This design is not only conducive to optimizing the indoor planting environment but also allows the planting space to be used more effectively.

Our vertical grow racks make vegetable and fruit planting more convenient and efficient with their unique bolt fast fixing design and free layer height adjustment function

Lock Function

The mobile plant planting stand with locking function allows users to easily fix the position of the planting stand according to their own needs, so as to avoid damaging the plants during handling or moving. At the same time, the integration of the locking function makes the mobile plant planting stand more convenient during use.

Free design service

Free Design Service

Whether you are starting from scratch or retrofitting an existing building, we have the team, contacts, and experience to properly design and construct your dream facility.

Including 2D and 3D renderings, pricing, and BOM. The free design analysis service can help customers make informed decisions about their vertical farming project, ensuring that the design meets their specific needs and allows them to grow plants more efficiently and effectively.