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FY Industrial Grow Lights

Increase production and reduce energy costs.

Industrial Grow Lights

FY Professional industrial grow lights manufacturer, offers a complete line of professional LED lighting fixtures and solutions for indoor and greenhouse horticultural applications, from propagation and micro vegetable production to large indoor farms and commercial greenhouses.


TPA Series Led Grow Light

FY TPA 800W was not only designed to replace HPS  but also to improve its power. 2,180μmol the powerful TPA can penetrate the canopy  deeper

RBD Series Led Grow Light

With easy installation and customizable plug-and-play cables, the RBD Series is highly configurable for standard and custom racking systems.

TPB Series Led Grow Light

TPB series realizes the wireless dimming function. Help growers adjust the light intensity to match the needs of the plants at different growth stages, reducing energy consumption and costs.

LED driver built inside,chain-able, fewer cables. Help to improve the overall efficiency and performance of the lighting system.

T8 LED grow lights have less heat than traditional fluorescent lights, which reduces the risk of heat damage to plants and makes it easier to manage the temperature in indoor growing rooms.

RBG T8 Series Led Grow Light
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