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LED Indoor Farming Light

LED Indoor Farming Light

Light is one of the most important environmental conditions for plant growth. And LED light is widely used for indoor farming for many advantages:

. More suitable spectrum for plants, no waste energy

. Less wattage to save cost

. Passive cooling, less heat, can put light close to plants

. Longer life span

How To Choose Suitable Led Grow Light For Indoor Farming?

First, you should confirm your growing environment, whether it is a greenhouse have sunlight or indoor growing without sunlight. If have sunlight, use light for supplementary lighting need to consider your location’s daily light integral.

Second, what are the plants you plan to grow, and choose a suitable growing facility.

For example, green leafy vegetables, and flowers mainly use vertical farming like containers and plant factories. Can use low wattage, linear type Led grow light, close to plants; Vining plants like tomatoes, Cucumbers use high wattage top light and intra light; Normally top light is with highest wattage for the big distance between light and plants.

Last, consider detailed parameters, like the spectrum voltage you use, and install accessories, and plugs.

Please contact FY to get the right led indoor farming light.

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TPA Series Led Grow Light

FY TPA Series top light is ideal for 1:1 HPS replacement, wattage from 600W to 1000W, suit for greenhouse top lighting and supplemental Lighting.

RBD Series Led Grow Light

FY RBD Series offer different length of suit for different rack, with a plug-and-play connector to make it easy to maintain, and suited for vertical farming.

FL Series Led Grow Light

FY FL Series supplies different brackets for different applications, wattage from 200W to 500W, ideas for greenhouse top lighting, and supplemental Lighting.

T8 Series Led Grow Light

FY T8 Series is ideal for replace T8 fluorescent lamp, International standard size from 2Ft to 8ft, low wattage can close to plants for vertical farming.

RGB Series D Shape T8 Led Grow Tube

FY RBG Series is with D shape design, easy to use clips for installation, external driver supports 0-10V dimming, to be compatible with smart control systems.

T8B Series Led Grow Light

FY T8B Series grow light can be daisy chain, is easy to install, and its thin design makes it very suit for vertical farming, commercial use, and home use.

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Our Certifications

DLC Certification
UL/cUL Certification
ROHS Certification
CE Certification
ISO 9001:2015
5 year warranty

High Efficacy to 3.2 μmol/J, Strong Light Intensity

High-efficiency LED chips are used in our 800w TPA led grow lights to achieve 3.2umol/J, PPFD can reach 958 at 1000mm height for strong light intensity.

Two Optical Distribution: 120 and 180

FY T8B led grow light has 2 versions, one is with single-row led chips to supply a 120-degree beam angle, and another is with double rows led chips to supply a 180-degree beam angle.

0-10V Dimming

FY RBG series grow light use an external driver that can support 0-10V dimming and is compatible with major farming control system.

Morbi Iaculis At Quam Vel Faucibus

Flexible Installation

Suspended rope with a frame makes it easy for installation, parallel installation makes one-person installation feasible.

Plug And Play Connector, Easy Maintain

3-bar type and 6-bar type are our standard options, each bar has a plug-and-play connector in parallel, this ability to be chained and mounted in this method allows for flexible movement of the light fixtures.