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FY Greenhouse Led Grow Lights

Grow quicker and stronger

Shorter harvest cycle & Higher quality yield.

FY Greenhouse Led Grow Lights

TBA top light series

  • Efficacy up to 3.0μmol/J
  • Custom Spectrum for greenhouse cultivation on different crops.
  • Wireless Control, Easy to install

TPB 600W top light series

  • Daisy-chain connection
  • Bluetooth Wireless Dimming , no new wiring
  • Simulation sunrise sunset

FY Greenhouse Led grow Lights

TPA and TPB series

Shadow free &  High PPF & 600W-1000W

100-277V & 120-347V & 480

Product Advantage

A patented design, easy to clean and good heat dissipation performance

Input Voltage: 100-277v ; 120-347v ; 200-480v

1: 1 Replace HPS

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Our Certifications

DLC Certification
UL/cUL Certification
CE Certification
Rohs Certification
ISO 9001:2015
5 year warranty

Professional Spectrum And High Yield

FY TPA & TPB is suitable for cucumbers & tomatoes & flower

IP66 waterproof rating

Dustproof & Watertight
  • Smooth appearance, Not accumulate dust, Not hide the little insect
  • The IP66 level can be used in a humid and humid environment. The smooth radiator design does not accumulate dust and debris, which reduces maintenance expenses and reduces labor costs