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Full Spectrum Led Grow Light, Let Your Plants Grow Healthy And High Yields.

Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

All of FY led grow lights can support different spectrums, including the full spectrum. There are 2 definitions for full spectrum led grow light, one is for the spectrum which wavelengths include 380nm-740nm range, another is that white light is full spectrum, and for sunlight is white light. Our suggestion is to choose a suitable spectrum for your different plants.


FY RBD series led grow light support six different spectra, include white full spectrum, suit for plants grow balance; include high efficacy spectrum, used for plants need high intensity light, grow faster, high yields.
FY TPA series led grow light is with strong power supply, most used for large-area greenhouse, can supply high tensity light even with big distance between crops. Most popular spectrum for TPA is FY S1 spectrum.
The best seller spectrum for T8B series is the color spectrum, for the seeding phase, more blue light to make young plants robust; for other stages like vegetative, bloom, and flowering stages, use more red light spectrum to grow faster and higher yield.
With 3 spectra available on FL series grow light, S1 spectrum is the most popular, S2 is white full spectrum , used for balancing energy efficiency application , S5 spectrum with high efficacy up to 2.9 µmol/J, good for plants need high light intensity.
Best seller spectrum for T8 series is white full spectrum, ideal to replace T8 fluorescent lamp; can also support color spectrum, which supply high light intensity, use lower wattage to replace T8 fluorescent lamp to save energy.
FY RBG series led grow light widely used for vertical farming application, most popular spectrum is white full spectrum, can also make customized spectrum without MOQ.
IP65-rated grow lights are constructed with materials that can withstand exposure to dust, water, and other elements. This can lead to a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs for growers.
T5 LED grow lights are highly energy-efficient and consume less power than traditional grow lights. This can lead to significant cost savings on energy bills.


Extrusion Aluminum Heatsink Design Support Excellent Heat DissipationE

The wave-shaped aluminum housing design expands the heat dissipation area to the extreme, making this product suitable for high-temperature environments. Improve the heat dissipation performance and prolong the service life of the fixture.

Several Spectrum For Pption From White To Far Red

FY wavelength range is 395nm-740nm, Red light is the main force of photosynthesis, and red light drives photosynthesis through the absorption of photosynthetic pigments; Blue light is a necessary supplementary light quality for a red light for crop cultivation and is an essential light quality for normal crop growth. FY’s various spectrum provides customers with a variety of options, suitable for propagation, vegetative, and bloom.

Various Grow Light Spectra Can Be Customized