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  • grow light for tomato
  • grow light
  • led grow light


Double-sided light-emitting design, suitable for various climbing plants.

  • IP65 waterproof
  • Daisy chain available
  • Double side lighting
  • Vertical and horizontal installation available
Model FY-RBF-48-100 FY-RBF-82-180 FY-RBF-98-200
100W 180W 200W
PPF 300 μmol/s 540 μmol/s 600 μmol/s
IP Rating IP65
Efficacy 3.0μmol/J
AC input
AC100-277V , AC120-347V, AC200-480V, 50/60HZ
Beam angle 2 side 120 degree
Dimming 0-10V dimming
Dimension L1200mm*W100mm






tomato grow light

Double-Sided Light

Conventional grow lights can only emit light on one side and have a limited irradiation area. FY RBF led grow light is a grow light specially designed for climbing plants. Its irradiation area is twice that of conventional grow lights. It adopts a double-sided light-emitting design. The light-emitting angle on both sides is 120 degrees, which can illuminate plants in a wider range, saving you more lighting costs and energy consumption during the planting process.

Two Installation Methods

Because of the growth characteristics of vines, our RBF led grow light series has designed two hanging rope installation methods. Suitable hanging rope installation methods can be used according to the type or growth stage of the vines. This installation method allows our plant lights to be randomly inserted between vines and plants, creating better lighting conditions for your plants.

IP65 led grow light

IP65 Waterproof

Conventional grow lights do not have a high level of protection. During use, the lights may have problems due to the entry of water or dust, causing the lamps to fail to function properly. In order to cope with some conditions encountered during the planting process, our RBF led grow light has achieved an IP65 protection level. Even in the face of water splashing or dusty environmental problems caused by the water supply sprinkler system of the plantation, our  lights can still be used normally in this situation, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of plant lights in the process of growing plants.

Eight Spectrums Are Available

A variety of spectral options are available to facilitate growers’ needs in optimizing spectral content and light levels for any crop, any growth stage, and any geographic location.

Eight spectrums are available
series connection


According to the growth habits of vines, our lamps use a series connection method. From the germination stage to the vines continue to grow and climb, our lamps can also be connected in series to continuously extend the light irradiation area upwards, allowing the vines to grow as they grow. The process can provide better lighting conditions and improve the quantity and quality of fruits.