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Blue Spectrum Is An Essential Component Of Any Effective Led Rrow Light.

Blue Spectrum LED Grow Light

Blue light is with wavelengths between about 450nm to 495nm. Blue light is one of the peak wavelengths for photosynthesis and is strongly absorbed by chlorophyll a and b in plants, help plants to grow strong stems, leaves, and branches. It widely use for seeding stage and young plants stage to establish a robust root and stem structure .

Blue Spectrum Products

Spectrum: S1,S2,S3,S3F,S4,S5
There are 6 spectrums for option for TPA series led grow light, include white full spectrum, blue red spectrum and far red light. S3F is with far red, S5 is with highest efficacy to 3.2 µmol/J.
Spectrum: S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,
FR 6 spectrums for RBD series led grow light, S3 is the spectrum for green vegetables, suit for plants grow balance; S5 and FR spectrum normally combine with other spectrum to use .
Spectrum: S2,S4,S6
This tube series led grow light can make 8ft, suit for vine plants inter-lighting; S4 spectrum is with high efficacy and strong intensity light, ideal for plants vegetative and bloom stage.
Spectrum: T1,T2,T3,T4, A5,A6
There are many different spectrum for T8B series led grow light for different vertical farming plants performance, like taste,shape, harvest, color and so on.
Spectrum: S1,S2,S5
With 3 spectrums available for FL series grow light, S2 is white full spectrum , used for balancing energy efficiency application , S5 spectrum with high efficacy up to 2.9 µmol/J.
It is designed for 1: 1 replace traditional HPS growth lights. Grower can harvest high -quality crops in all seasons, which can greatly reduce energy costs compared with traditional lights.
T5 LED grow lights produce less heat than traditional grow lights, which can reduce the risk of heat damage to plants and also make it easier to control the temperature in the growing environment.

Support Customized Spectrum

We support different spectrums for this T8 tube grow light for different plants and phases, also can support customized spectrum, just share the spectrum chart or the light ratio you need.

Different End Cap For Option, G13, R17D,FA8, Rotating

There is the different end cap for T8 fluorescent lamp, this T8 tube grow light has a different version of the enc cap like G13, R17D, and FA8, rotating to match different tombstone fixtures.