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FY 600W Led Grow Light  Top Light Series

Efficacy up to 3.2 µmol/s



  • Compact appearance design to reduce shadow
  • 100-277v & 100-347v & 200-480v
  • Input power: 400w & 600w & 800w
  • Ingress protection: IP66

Brief Introduction Of FY 600W Led Rrow Light

FY 600W led grow top light series ,provide different spectrum to meet the needs of different plants and different planting cycles. Based on better thermal management technology, greatly extend the service life of the light.

Selling Point

High Efficiency

Up to 3.2 µmol/W

Innovative Heat Management

Maximize the heat dissipation area of the light and driver

Surge Protector Available

Multiple protection to ensure the long life of your light

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Our Certifications

DLC Certification
UL/cUL Certification
CE Certification
ROHS Certification
ISO 9001:2015
5 year warranty

Good Heat Dissipation Design

Thermally-conductive aircraft grade aluminum Lower surface temperature, will not burn the plants

Dustproof & Watertight.

Through the PC lens, let LEDs stay away from the damage of moisture and bugs

Custom Spectrum

Quality light spectra can expedite the growth cycle, the light spectrum includes 400-700nm

Custom Spectrum
600W indoor farming light