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300 Watt Led Grow Light

300 Watt Led grow light

FY has different 300 watt led grow lights, suitable for different applications, from vertical farming to greenhouse top supplementary lighting. And support different light distribution for special growing environments.

How many plants can grow with a 300 watt led grow light ?

In different applications, the answer is different for it depends on many factors.

  • Plant Species and the light intensity needed
    Different plants ask for different light intensities, measured by PPFD data, that affect plants growing directly.
  • Grow light coverage
    Grow light beam angle and install height decide to grow light coverage, higher height and wider beam angle make bigger coverage, but less PPFD.
  • Plants density
    Confirmed the light coverage, then the plant quantity confirmed, According to plant growth characteristics, left small space or large space for each plant in limited light coverage. In larger spaces, smaller quantity plants grow.
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  • RBD Series Led Grow Light

    FY RBD Series is a different bar combined, each bar can be 24-30W, one driver for 6 bars, and 10 bars get 144 watt to 300 watt fixture, used for vertical farming.

  • FL Series Led Grow Light

    FL series 6 modules reach 300 watt, can support focus light distribution, and robust IP65 design makes it suitable for harsh environments, including outdoor lighting

Our Certifications

DLC Certification
UL/cUL Certification
CE Certification
ROHS Certification
ISO 9001:2015
5 year warranty

Morbi Iaculis At Quam Vel Faucibus

FL series grow light is IP65 waterproof, and can be used for indoor and outdoor plant growth, rainy or snowy days, and heavy dust environments.

These FL series grow lights use module design, each module 40W to 50W, can use a flexible combination, a single row or double row for different coverage areas.

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